Chachi Fun Fact!

If you have seen my vidcasty already then you know that there is a song that plays at the beginning and end for a few seconds.

I have dropped this on twitter before to be entertaining.

That is my song. As in i wrote and recorded it and with the help of @sorgatron produced it to the quality that you hear.

This wasnt the first i recorded, there a few others. However this one is my favorite and quite frankly sounds the best. I have also done shows in pittsburgh and ohio. It was alot of fun and time consuming to say the least.

The video was recorded at a holiday inn in the middle of BFE Ohio. We played a comic convention put on by the guys over at Awful show called Con on the Cob.  So thats when this video was recorded.

and the great and powerful Sorg suggested that i should release the actual track for you to have and download and Laugh at. because if you dont laugh then ive failed.

So here it is.  Song entitled: Nerdz in teh Club by me! Enjoy!

Click Here to download.

Chachi Says: So i wasnt very good at it. But i tried! and thats all that matters. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!


3 Responses to “Chachi Fun Fact!”

  1. Teresa (TTG) Says:

    I’m laughing! It’s a funny song. Great job!

  2. Haha didn’t see that coming. Funny!

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