Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

So before we get started, Let me just state that the video attached to this does contain some spoilers, so dont watch it if you dont want it ruined.

Last night @Sorgatron and i ventured out to beautiful downtown Etna to partake in a little halloween fun that is the Scarehouse, you can check them out here.

Now this is one of the best places ive been haunt wise period. I’ve trekked to some places in ohio and pa to go to haunts some were just bad. Others concentrated on makeup more than set and performances.

Now, we get to the Scarehouse and apparently, it was the night everyone decided to use the Groupon. The advanced ticket line was huge and the buy here line was quite short. It wasnt a long wait by anymeans, ive waited longer for a lot less. Also the Scare House like everyone else have actors running around outside interacting with the crowd. And thats when it started.  From here on out, These two girls will be known as Scream 1 and Scream 2.  Scream 1 was jumping and screaming at everything but @scarehousebunny seen here with me giving it a big ol’ hug.

A bunny that can fight back, I’m a fan.

so we get inside after Scream 1 spends the past 20 mins jumping and screaming. You can actually see Scream 2 in the picture. She’s the girl in the Pink on the Right hand back ground.  Now little would i know, she would be the worst of the two.  So like most smart haunts, if they notice that they are getting to you, they will target you. Its part of their fun.

So we get inside, we ended up going through in a group of 6, the two in front of us, Sorg and i, and Scream 1 and 2.  You walk through with you hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. This is where it went wrong.

Well, First it was Scream 1 behind me, and she was literally strangling me. And then they switched. I was not only strangled by what i thought was the calmer of the two. But i was hugged, used as a human shield, my jersey was used as a blanket by her to cover her face. i was violated and i dont even know their names.

Check out our overall review here: this contains spoilers.

Chachi Says: It was a great time, its a great venue, and everything is fantastic. Actors, Sets, concepts, all Fantastic.



3 Responses to “Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    lol wow, all that sounds pretty cool! I don’t think I would’ve dig the girls pulling on me I hate that crap.

  2. The “Rebel” haunt is called Rampage. I felt sort of bad when i went through Scarehouse because i just kept telling all the actors how pretty they were. I realize now how that could be percieved as taunting them when i sincerely meant it. They do such a good job there!

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