Hiya kids,

Its your friendly neighborhood Chachi here on a wednesday, what a hell of a week.

Due to other obligations this episode is a weeeeee bit late.

Sorg has been working his ass off lately on a not so secret project and ive been working so it took a bit to get this episode off the ground and completed.I will admit up front that its a low key episode not to high energy BUT BUT BUT.

We have a special guest on the show! Never thought it would happen but through the powers of the internet and awesomeness that is sorg he procured a special message for me from none other than McFrontalot himself!!!!!

This is episode 8: Cellphone Followup.

We talk about breast and Cell phones. with a little clip of the frontalot talking about his cell phone.

You can view it here on the page.  Or even right here in this convenient mystical viewing panel!

Tune in on time next week when we have our first ever user generated content! i talk about the history of Sausages and Penndot.

Chachi Says: Tune in next week as our hero spends 3 mins talking about sausages…… sick.  Also remember to subscribe to us on teh itunes Chachi Says. Thanks for watching and for your support!!!!


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