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Everyone needs healthy distractions during the day, whether it be to take a break to prevent burn out. Or to just take a break and come back to what it was they were doing refreshed and ready to go.  So here is what i am doing for you and me both.

My lovely friend @lyriquetragedy on twitter and in life, has a blog also. She is over at I’ll wait while you go check it out…… *taps foot, checks watch……..* alright, so you have it bookmarked to read right? Fantastic moving on.

So over there on her site, she used to do this post, and from what ive been told via email when i got permission to do this post, she plans to do it once more. Anyhow, it is entitled  Homework.

So here is how this works. I give you a photo, you tell me a story.  Simple as pie.

Here is what prompted it, i was going through my photos and found a particular one that made me laugh and remember a time that used to carry around a stuffed “animal” so i could take random pictures of it in random places. if you’ve been around for a while then you know what im talking about.

So here is the photo:

And let those Creative Juices flow!

Chachi Says: You can leave the story in the comments, or you can email them to me at  and i’ll make another post of it. Completely up to you! i am excited to see what you all come up with. Thanks to Dawn for granting me permission to use her idea!



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Hiya Folks!

Chachi says here on this deceptively beautiful looking monday morning here in Pittsburgh.

And today you get as always a new shiny Chachi says the vidcast!

In this weeks short epsiode you see your hero talk about destroying something and freezing all while on location in South side works.

You can also watch it here, or here on and subscribe to us on itunes!

Chachisays: Now unfortunately there has to be a time limit for accepting suggestions on how to destroy the blackberry so leave the comments here on the blog, send them to me on twitter or email them to me Also stay tuned for a lot of new random content from me here as i destroy that which i built.  As always thanks for watching.

Once Upon a Time, in a web space far far away….

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A long long time ago, i had a domain name, i will not name it here but it was pretty much the same as except the .net part. that was something different.

Well, if you know me, then you are aware of the fact that i can be quite forgetful. I try hard to remember everything and fail hard. So this domain was registered to an email address i quit using, thus i never received the emails telling me that i needed to renew the domain or lose it.  And i lost the domain.

And enters the sniper.

It was no ones fault but my own, i couldve prevented this from happening and did not. So she took what i built. i dont remember her name, seo was plastered all over her website and there were fake customer testimonies and useless information everywhere.  She wanted 90 bucks or so for it. i refuse to give this lady money for my name back. that would be rewarding her for being a bitch. and homie dont play that.

So i watched, and waited. and nothing. she still kept it. until one day i decided to check it.  Only to find she found a buyer for it. Imagine my disgust when i found out that not only was it passed on like a whore but that it was being used as a gigantic network to steal blog post from across the web and replicate them.

So on to my point… I want to destroy them. They are using something that i worked hard to build and posting stolen wares on it. They are using it as a dumping ground. they took my nice neighborhood and threw a couple of cars up on blocks and made it a ghetto.  Currently, the stolen blog posts rank 4th and 5th in a google search.  i want to remove them from the top results.

So in light of all thats happened. Starting monday, you will get consistent content from me here at chachi says. You’ll notice i’ve left out names, and links and other reference points, i dont want to generate any traffic for them.

Chachi Says: Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond anyones control you must do evil so that good can prevail. so it is with that i am declaring war. There can be only one and all that good stuff.

im late…..

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Well, the post is late at least. the video was up yesterday. I fell asleep and didnt blog it. My mistake.

However this will brighten your tuesday!

This is Fan Request Episode 3.

In this weeks episode we talk about italian cars suggested by @fuzzwad and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suggested by @madmike4883.

As always you can also check it out here, or here on blip tv, or subscribe to me on itunes.

Chachi Says: I still want you to let me know what you wish me to cover so hit me up here  or on twitter @chachisays or send me an email

Fan Request 2!

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ITs monday and while this monday got away from me work wise a bit i still have this weeks episode of

Chachi says the Vidcast!

This weeks is fan request 2!


This weeks questions:

Anonymous from the blog and @omgitsjen from twitter!

Also available at and subscribe on itunes!


Chachi Says: Send me your thoughts and comments!

Vidcast Day! its better than Christmas!

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Another monday is here!

Another monday means another video!

Here it is,  this weeks Chachi Says the Vidcast!

This week i talk about Nintendo and the games ive been playing. I also get off track and do a mini rant!

You can also watch it at and suubscribe to us on itunes!

Chachi Says: Hope you enjoy this one! Email me your comments to

Oh Monday…..

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Well its yet another Monday.

And if you are in the pittsburgh area, or a fan then you know the city is kind of down today because of a loss last night to their beloved steelers…..

Me on the other hand is happy as hell! Why you may ask, well mondays around here mean a NEW CHACHI SAYS THE VIDCAST!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Here is this weeks video where i tackle topics sent in by you! yes, you!

This weeks topics while being a little weird paired together come from @cupcakescomics who wanted me to cover the history of sausages and @pixiedust612 who wanted to hear my opinion on penndot!


Here they are!

also you can go here for the page.  AND you can subscribe on itunes!

Chachi Says: if you would like to see your topic covered here Send me an email to or leave a comment, OR send me a message on twitter. @chachisays Thanks for your support!