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Exploration Expedition…..

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Ha! bet you thought i couldn’t spell those words? Boom done!

So i know its wednesday, and i know the video is supposed to be posted on monday. i apologize for being tardy.

But its worth it!

Here is this weeks video on location in downtown pittsburgh.

I cover the location, and FAN REQUESTS! i also request more destruction suggestions!

You can also check it out here on the blip page, or subscribe to us on itunes!!!!

Chachi Says: Wqed is probably one of the greatest tv stations ever. Check them and all their stuff out here



Tis the Season to be Moronic!

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Welcome to the wonderful wide world of Wednesday!  Hump day, the day for realizing that your week is almost done if you are a monday to fridayer like myself.

So heres a little something to make the week a little easier, as promised in my vidcast for a week here is a stupid contest!!!!

*fanfare, price is right theme music plays, audience applauds and cheers!*

Thank you, Thank you!

Now, for some reason this is the season that people seem to take what little semblance of intelligence they have and throw it away.

So here is what i want from you! I want you to try to catch these people in the act. i want you to get me pics of the dumb stuff people do in public.

You can send the pics to

Chachi Says: The winner of this contest wins a really dumb prize! Picture of said prize will be up later.

Gary Goomba Says:

I can haz my cake and eats it too!!!!!!!

Fun with stuff.

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Welcome to Tuesday.

Nothing really important or interesting to say today. So here is a bunch random crap i have fun with.

First theres this video that i edited together to mess with some software last night.

I think its fun! Hopefully you do too.

Here’s another Gary The Goomba Picture that could really use a caption……..

So give me a caption!

Chachi Says: its great when you can be distracted and entertained by little stuff sometimes.

Tis the Season, Bah Humbug.

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Hey, Its Monday, and you remember what monday means right?  Wait, you mean to say you forgot?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it. Go ahead, you can figure this one out on your own. *taps foot, Looks at watch, Sips coffee* Got it yet? Alright, Fine, I’ll tell you but next time you should really know this.


This week we cover Brufest, Winter drivers at the request of @funky_dung and more!!!!!

You can tune in here in this handy dandy little box.

Or here at and subscribe to us on itunes!

Chachi Says: Be sure to leave some feed back! what you think of the show, what you want me to cover or a simple you suck! will suffice! As always thanks for watching and we will see you tomorrow!