Tis the Season, Bah Humbug.

Hey, Its Monday, and you remember what monday means right?  Wait, you mean to say you forgot?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it. Go ahead, you can figure this one out on your own. *taps foot, Looks at watch, Sips coffee* Got it yet? Alright, Fine, I’ll tell you but next time you should really know this.


This week we cover Brufest, Winter drivers at the request of @funky_dung and more!!!!!

You can tune in here in this handy dandy little box.

Or here at chachisays.blip.tv and subscribe to us on itunes!

Chachi Says: Be sure to leave some feed back! what you think of the show, what you want me to cover or a simple you suck! will suffice! As always thanks for watching and we will see you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Tis the Season, Bah Humbug.”

  1. Pittsburghers drive like idiots when it’s sunny and 70. This is a fact. Therefore, the insistence to drive like a super-idiot when it’s raining or snowing only makes sense.

    I’m dragging you to go do some Crazy shenanigans next year. I’ll fix you up right with a little holiday spirit.

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