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Daddys got a brand new bag….Er phone… or something.

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In this weeks episode i talk about my new G2 and show it off a bit.

everybody loves new toys! and every body loves Fun and Games!

On thursday if you recall people on twitter started guessing as to what im up too and then just started making up rumors. With the hash tag #chachirumors

I egged them on and well i ended up trending in pittsburgh for a short time.

Here are some of the good ones.

Here are some of the good ones.

Jenana37 The city of Pittsburgh will ask @chachisays to implode the Mellon Arena with the buttons on his Nintendo belt buckle. #chachirumors

chilla @ChachiSays wrote the code behind BOTH Facebook and Twitter along with the MP3 compression algorithm #Chachirumors #FatherOfTechnology

RizzIUP It was @chachisays who beat up those Sheetz paper towel dispensers, Jeff Reed just had to take a piss #chachirumors


MadMike4883 @chachisays doesn’t have to do-ooh-ooh a damn thing for a Klondike Bar #chachirumors

RT redacted @chachisays was Doink The Clown in WWF. #chachirumors


RT redacted The French word for “Chachi” is the same as the Aramaic word for “Atomic Elbow off of the third rope” #chachirumors @chachisays


daboftech_pub I heard @chachisays has the entire internet downloaded onto a floppy. #chachiRumors

Chachi Says: if you missed it, go back and search the hash tag and prepare to pee yourself laughing. Great Fun. Thanks everyone for an awesome game. Pew Pew Pew *finger guns*  Go be Awesome. and Tune in Monday. You dont want to miss it.

Story Time with Uncle Chachi.

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So yesterday, on twitter i said this.


just transferred a sales call to the elevator. on purpose. tomorrow i’ll tell you the tale of the phone in the elevator.

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So gather around Lads, and Lasses as i tell the tale of the Phone in the Elevator(awesome echo effect and scary lights even though its not a scary story)

A long long time in a neighborhood not so far away, lived a boy and his friends. The boy used to work a lot of bad jobs while in school and preparing for school.  And still managed time to meet new people. In a time before twitter(gasp! i know. remember those times? what were we thinking…)

Well, a friend of the boys was also working a shitty, in a call center of a tech school, the job was to call high school students and convince them to come visit.

The recruiter would go to the schools, pitch the kids. the kids would ignore them and then the recruiters would make them fill out cards with address name phone number the works.

And this was the system, recruiter would get the info, Call center would call them. Kids would say no. Easy Peasy. Until, one fateful day, when the recruiter ran into a smart ass high school student.( and i know what your thinking, umm uncle chachi, all high school students are smart asses. and you would be right. But this one took the cake. mmmmm, Cake.)

This student would give me and two others endless hours of entertain just via telephone.

Enter the beautiful and mysterious Elevator Phone!

As you know, living in the city every elevator has a phone. and every phone has a number that you can reach from the outside. problem is, its hard to get these numbers.

Yet, i am in possession of said number. i have called many times, and have messed with many a person. and until recently have never wanted to know where this elevator is. i’ve called every day this week and there was no one on


so fail.

One day, i will learn the secret, and i will bust a move.

Chachi Says: its the little things that count in this big roller coaster that we call life.  one day i will find the elevator. and i will ride that elevator. until then, i have a goal. im weird like that yo.

I tried to warn you!

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Lets start by refreshing your memory on a past episode of chachi says:

This is entitled when roombas attack…..

See i warned you that the robot uprising is coming.

IBM has made that come even closer.

as shown here on their press website.

{ARMONK, N.Y. & CULVER CITY, Calif. – 14 Dec 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and America’s Favorite Quiz show® Jeopardy! today announced that an IBM computing system named “Watson” will compete on Jeopardy! against the show’s two most successful and celebrated contestants — Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

The first-ever man vs. machine Jeopardy! competition will air on February 14, 15 and 16, 2011, with two matches being played over three consecutive days.}

You can read the rest of the article here on their website.

Why is this a big deal?

Well if you have never seen Jeopardy (which means you are living in a cave and are not reading this.) You know they focus a lot on puns, word play and riddles. Human nuances that normally are difficult to program for.

Ibm however has cracked that code. They believe that this computer can translate the clue, find an answer, and buzz in before the humans.

But Jeopardy and ibm decided to make this as hard as possible by enlisting Jennings and Rutter, the grandest Champions of All Time on Jeopardy.

I myself am extremely excited for this challenge this means a lot in the advances of technology.

Chachi Says: The robots will uprise, while i’m excited im also scared. i’ll be over here getting my emp’s charged and ready to go.


Stay out of my Science!

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Hiya ErreyBody!

Welcome to a new year here at, i know im off to a late start but its been busy so far.

I’ve been assisting sorg alot more with projects, trying to run my own more and planning some huge things. thats right i Chachi, am planning something huge! but more on that next week.

This week however, we celebrated 5 years of the wrestling mayhem show and it was fun! Thanks to Sharp Edge Bistro on Penn ave(ding!) for hosting us. Cant wait to see what lies ahead. and we had the 2nd evening with podcamp event over at aip! it was a lot of fun with great conversation from special guest Kellee Maize. you can check out her stuff on her webpage. Right here!

So on to the real reason for this post, Chachi Says The Vidcast!

This week your hero talks science! or psuedoscience if you will.

Check it out!

or on

and you can subscribe to us on itunes! Feel free to leave me some comments on the pages or even send me a video comment via you tube! that would be fun!

Chachi Says: Stay tuned next week when Chachi announces possibly one of the biggest things he has ever tried to do! and stay tuned to the blog for randomness from your hero!