Stay out of my Science!

Hiya ErreyBody!

Welcome to a new year here at, i know im off to a late start but its been busy so far.

I’ve been assisting sorg alot more with projects, trying to run my own more and planning some huge things. thats right i Chachi, am planning something huge! but more on that next week.

This week however, we celebrated 5 years of the wrestling mayhem show and it was fun! Thanks to Sharp Edge Bistro on Penn ave(ding!) for hosting us. Cant wait to see what lies ahead. and we had the 2nd evening with podcamp event over at aip! it was a lot of fun with great conversation from special guest Kellee Maize. you can check out her stuff on her webpage. Right here!

So on to the real reason for this post, Chachi Says The Vidcast!

This week your hero talks science! or psuedoscience if you will.

Check it out!

or on

and you can subscribe to us on itunes! Feel free to leave me some comments on the pages or even send me a video comment via you tube! that would be fun!

Chachi Says: Stay tuned next week when Chachi announces possibly one of the biggest things he has ever tried to do! and stay tuned to the blog for randomness from your hero!


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