Games 6: A mind forever voyaging, 7: Trinity

Slowly but surely we are conquering this adventure! I fell asleep on friday night after playing 6 different text adventures to find out that you can dream in text adventures and it is just as frustrating……

Anyhow here are games 6 and 7. i grouped these two together for a couple of reasons. I didnt want the last post to be any longer, god knows it was long as hell. also, these two games are similar, moreso than being text adventures i mean in storyline themes. Both released by Infocom in 1985 and 1986 respectively.

Game 6: A Mind Forever Voyaging.

The story for this one:

The player controls PRISM, the world’s first sentient computer, in the year 2031. The economy of the United States of North America (USNA) is failing. Great numbers of youths are turning to “Joybooths” (a device which directly stimulates the sensory input of the brain) and committing suicide by overstimulation. A new arms race involving nuclear weapons no larger than the size of a common pack of cigarettes threatens to turn the USNA into a police state.

However after playing the game for a while you realize that you are no more than a test subject, testing a plan to revitalize the way the goverment and industry are behaving. Able to record instances and view them later. All being used to determine if this plan will save the way of life as they know it. Pretty deep political stuff huh?

No screen shot for once again as on par with infocom it was white on black. but being an infocom game they included bonuses!

heres the packaged goods!

  • A printed copy of Dakota Online Magazine from April, 2031, featuring an article about “Perry Simm”/PRISM
  • An advertisement presented by the “Joybooth Manufacturers of North America” arguing that “Joybooths are not the problem”
  • A “PRISM Project Facility Class One Security Mode Access Decoder”, a paper wheel device that provided access codes needed in-game
  • A map of Rockvil, “Jewel of the Quad-State Area” (the quad-state area consisting of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming)
  • A ballpoint pen from QUAD Mutual Insurance. (“From seafarms to spacelabs, you’re covered by QUAD.”)

Game 7: Trinity

This game also white on black focuses on the Nuclear Arms development a hot topic for the time.

As the game begins, the player’s character is spending a final day of a London vacation in the Kensington Gardens. The evening flight back to the United States is looking increasingly unlikely for a number of unusual reasons. Hordes of nannies are blocking all exits from the Gardens, and the grass actively resists efforts to be walked upon. Worst of all, a gleam on the horizon soon heralds the unwelcome arrival of a Soviet nuclear missile. Time begins to slow as the missile approaches, and with some ingenuity the player’s character finds an incongruous door hovering in mid-air. There’s no telling where it may lead, but it can’t possibly be worse than the alternative of being at ground zero of a nuclear detonation.

You spend time in a alternate space time continuum visiting all the nuclear test sites moments before the bomb drops, literally. Until you realize that something is going to go wrong at test site alpha. ( Trinity, New Mexico 1945) This game includes Fictional and Historical bomb testing sites for your exploration.

The bonuses included for this game were as such:

  • A map of the Trinity site
  • A cardboard sundial marked with odd symbols
  • The Illustrated Story of the Atom Bomb, an “educational” comic book laden with ironic statements regarding the feelings of patriotism, idealism, and jingoism surrounding the production of atomic weaponry
  • Instructions on how to fold an origamicrane (a reference to Sadako Sasaki)

Chachi Says: Only 1 more to go! Political themes to me are not as fun as the fantasy realm given to me by the others but definitely worth 30 minutes of your time or more!

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