Game #133: Metroid: Zero Mission 

Game: Metroid: Zero Mission

Developer: Nintendo R&D1

System: Gameboy Advance

Year Released: 2004

Available online: No

Purchase Here: 

zero mission box

Released in 2004, Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the 1986 original Metroid released for the Nintendo Entertainment system. The remake includes a new area and is the first game in the Metroid series in which the player controls Samus without her power suit. She is forced to crawl through tunnels and is reduced to having a stun gun but the energy level remains the same. The game was well received by the critics with the game coming in as the 46th best game for a Nintendo console and the 9th best Gameboy Advance game. 

The changes to the story were all added to the end so in the original: Space Pirates attack a research vessel and steal samples of Metroids. The pirates expose the metroids to beta rays and turn them into weapons and use them against all biological creatures that oppose them. After beating Mother Brain(original ends here), while leaving the planet Samus is attacked by the Space Pirates and crashes in a new part of the planet Zebes. Samus eventually comes across Robot Ridley and escapes in one of their ships. 

I understand that this version had graphic improvements and additional content. However, I believe that you are going to include the original or remake of a game on a list, it should be the original, especially if it is the Metroid series. The 1986 release is responsible for starting one of the best adventure series in gaming. Having played Zero Mission in the past so I am familiar with the game and the overall quality.  However, the rules state that the game must be played for at least 30 minutes before the review can be written. Time to play it again. Let’s Get to the Scores! 


zero mission gp

First Mission looks incredible, no surprise there. It looks like a handheld version of Super Metroid which everyone enjoys. The world graphics and character sprites both got a face lift. Brighter, crisper colors and more details. Everything comes together and creates a great looking immersive 2d world that you don’t mind spending some time in. They had a great template to go on considering that the original Metroid game looked incredible for the technology that it was on. 5star


All of the classic sound aspects of Metroid are here. The soundtrack has been updated from the original as well and all of the sounds are deeper and cleaner. This is a soundtrack that you do not mind listening to while playing the game. You can play the game without the sound track and not lose anything but you’ll really won’t want to. The type of game where you will do what you can to hear the soundtrack while playing. Each area has it’s own take on the music and sound effects creating a different environment while exploring the planet. 5star


Typical Metroid difficulty applies here. Some areas of Zebes will be harder than others and get easier the more gadgets you have. The game progresses in difficulty at a good pace and the more you play it the easier it gets. I am not saying play it to completion, just in general, the more you play it the easier it gets. Just like any other video game, you pick up tricks and learn what not to attempt and when something can be done. Just takes a bit of practice. 5star

Entertainment Value:

When it is all said and done, it is a Metroid game, not my favorite entry in the series but it is a fun game. The game challenges you in a good way right from the beginning just like the original did and keeps you hooked until the new ending. The look and feel of the remake makes everything seem new and fresh and brings back memories of the time spent playing the original or introducing new players to the series, either way, still a lot of fun. 5star

Does it hold up:

Metroid: Zero Mission does hold up. It is a great looking and sounding game. However, the fact that it holds up is because it is a remake of the 1986 original that was already a classic by the time that this game was released. I find myself torn on how to score this category. It does hold up but not because it’s original.  You can’t really complain, no matter which version you are picking up, you will be playing a game that is entertaining and will have you hooked for at least a little bit. 5star

Overall Score:

Metroid: Zero Mission comes in with an overall score of 5 out of 5. 


Really no surprise here at all. The remake of one of the best games of all time, coming out with new graphics and sound is going to be just as incredible. The only thing that could have messed this up is the additional content they added to the game but that wasn’t all bad, so it worked out. The game looks and sounds great, is entertaining and holds up well nothing to be mad about here…other than personal opinions. Give it a play. 

Final Thoughts:

The game is not bad. A good entry in the series and made use of the hardware available and put it to good use. The problem I have with this entry is that instead of putting the original game on the list they opted for the remake. The 1986 entry is more likely to be a must play game before you die before a handheld is. As always, these are just my opinions and they are always, always right. Play the game, it is good and the added content adds a little something to the game. Worth checking out, just not a must play game. 

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Have something to add? Leave a comment down below!  Do you want to help the Journey progress? Visit the Sponsor a Game page for more details to help keep this train rolling!


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