Game #140: Age of Empires: Mythologies 

Game: Age of Empires: Mythologies

Developer: Griptonite Games

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2008

Available online: No. 

Purchase Here: 

empires box

Released in 2008, Age of Empires: Mythologies is the sequel to the previous entry Age of Kings. Mythologies and Kings are two entries in the Age of Mythologies series that are turn based instead of RTS. The scores were not bad overall coming in with high 70s – low 80s overall. In the game you can choose between 3 civilizations – Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Each of them can choose from 3 gods, each with their own abilities and bonuses. You start in an Archaic age and build and learn your way to improvements that will drive your civilization through to the advanced ages and becoming the strongest around. 

Being a handheld game and a RTS game really throws two strikes against the game. Those two aspects are enough to have kept me from playing the game. I am having a hard time remembering if I had played any of these games before. I always get this series and other games confused with one another. It is not really a genre that I know well so I am going in blind. TIme to see what this game has in store for me. Let’s Get to the Scores! 


empire gp

13 years later and the game still looks good by today’s standards. They were able to squeeze a lot of detail into the small format and not make it look blurry like a lot of games end up doing when they try to do too much. They attempt to use the both screens but don’t really pull it off. The details on the top screen are not something that is really needed to be seen at all times. It is information about the selected unit and that information can be saved for a pause screen or an info button on the actions menu. Not something that needs to be seen at all times but hey, you have to fill the screen I guess. 4stars


The sound package in Age of Empires is middle of the road. The soundtrack, while not bad, does grow old quickly. Both the soundtrack and sound effects fit the game and match up with the game play and level theme correctly. However, the pattern in the backing track repeats too often and quickly becomes annoying when you are trying to plan ahead. The sound effects work but are missed when the sound is turned down or replaced in an effect of getting rid of the music. I get what the developers were going for but they came up just a bit short. Not bad, just not good. 3stars


The difficulty comes down to your strategy when playing the game. The levels and scenarios all increase in difficulty as the game goes on but as long as you were paying attention to the earlier levels and took the time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each unit type. The more you learn and pay attention the easier each level will be as you advance. There will always be hard levels but you can ease the pain a bit and have a better chance at survival. The difficulty comes down to your ability. Just as a turn based game should. 5star

Entertainment Value:

When I turned this game on, I was not expecting to get sucked in like I did. It took a lot of time before I realized that I had been playing the game for as long as I had been. It is the type of game that you start playing and you become determined to keep playing because you think you know the secret to playing the game well. Next thing you know, it has been an hour or two and you have things to do. Point being, clear the schedule if you are going to start playing this game. You are going to be busy for a while. 5star

Does it hold up:

Mythologies holds up pretty well to the test of time. The graphics and entertainment factors of the game do a great job of making sure that the game will be fun no matter when you pick it up to play. I sat down to play the game 13 years after the release and was drawn in. Played way more levels than I intended to and am not upset about it. The game looks great still and is still a lot of fun to play. 5star

Overall Score:

Age of Empires: Mythologies comes in with an overall score of 4 out of 5. 


There is surprisingly a lot of good about this game. It looks good, is a lot of fun and holds up incredibly well for the past 13 years. Mythologies is a fun good looking game that deserves to be on the list. It is one of those games that you should play. 

Final Thoughts:

Talk about surprises. This game was a lot better than I thought it would ever be. I spent a few hours playing it before I even realized it. I don’t know that I will return to play this game more after I move on, just because it is a handheld game and I don’t really play handheld but if you find yourself exploring hand held games specifically on the DS, check this game out. It is worth the time. 

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