Game #142: Final Fantasy IV

Game: Final Fantasy IV

Developer: Square

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2007

Available online: Yes! As part of a PSX anthology 

Purchase Here: 


 The 2007 release of  Final Fantasy IV(also known as Final Fantasy II) is a remake of the Super Nintendo version released for the Nintendo DS. FF IV is the 4th entry in the main series in Japan and the 2nd outside. FFII introduced some changes to the series that would not be changed for a really long time. The Active Time Battle and unchangeable character classes would change the series for at least 5 entries to come. This version has been re-released and remastered for several systems over the year and has gone on to sell at least 4 million copies worldwide and getting its own sequel for Mobile phones in Japan. 

Continuing the tradition of the final fantasy games, an evil force is attempting to capture a powerful force, in this case crystals. Golbez is attempting to capture the elemental crystal in order to obtain a force that will allow him to conquer the world. The player controls a party of characters, 5 at a time, to defeat monsters and attempt to save the crystals before they are all gathered.  

Going into this review I know that the game is good. I have played a lot of Final Fantasy II over the years. This is one of the games that my dad had and hid until he completed before letting us play it at all. Looking back, I am not angry about this at all. I totally get it. I know how we were as children and I get it. Good Call, Dad! Anyhow, I can only imagine the improved look and feel of the game. Ok, no more wasting time. Let’s Get to the Scores!



Final Fantasy IV originally was a pretty good looking game for the time, the remaster is no different. The top down 2d graphics have been replaced with ¾ down 3d graphics. The improvement allows the game to have a lot more detail on not only the characters but the background and overall surroundings. The characters are fully designed and rendered people in this version in comparison to the mini sprites in the original. The close up views of the game do show some flaws, an attempt to do more than the system could handle. It doesn’t ruin the game but it is really noticeable. The addition of a second screen allowed the developers to add the display. The party information during battles and a map have been given their own screen making it easier to access needed information. Overall though not a bad looking game. 4stars


So right off the bat, when you are starting the game, you hear the vast improvement in the sound. The chiptune soundtrack of yesterday has been replaced with a full stereo produced soundtrack. The sound effects blend in nicely and create an immersive sound package that you don’t mind listening to. With the biggest addition to the game is the actual voice acting in the cutscenes making the game and even better package. Which is not surprising when you remember that you are playing a final fantasy game after all. Even on the earlier systems the sound was a crucial aspect to creating a game that people want to play. This has not and will not change any time soon. 5star


Typical RPG rules apply, put in the work to level the characters and you will be fine. Ignore that work and you are going to have a hard time. Square did do somethings to make the game a little bit easier but they don’t make a difference overall. Don’t get me wrong, there are battles in this game that are not going to be easy regardless of what level you are. Pay attention to the game and you will learn what needs to be done to get you through the battle. Level up and learn party management and you will be fine. 5star

Entertainment Value:

As one of my favorite entries in the Final Fantasy series this game is fun as hell. The story is incredible. The developers made sure to include ups, downs and lots of twist when writing this story and they did fantastic. So much fun from start to finish. I have beaten this game so many times and yet, it is still like the first time when I get to a part I had forgotten about and figure out again. The remaster is no different. Maybe better just because the improvements help bring you in further. 5star

Does it hold up:

FFIV holds up. Both the remaster and the original hold up matter of fact. Both games looked great when released, both games look great now. The entertainment of the games have not dropped unless you have played the game so much that it is muscle memory at this point. However, if that is the case you love the game and it doesn’t matter how many playthroughs you have done or what version. If I were going to go back and play a version it would be SNES but that is all up to personal opinion. 5star

Overall Score:

Final Fantasy IV comes in with an overall score of 4.5 out of 5.


Really no surprise here… well unless you are surprised that it didn’t get a perfect score. You could say I was nitpicking on the graphics but I disagree. The game is great. it sounds great, looks great, plays great and holds up well. However, there are some parts that could be just a bit better. An amazing game that you should play. 

Final Thoughts:

You will get no arguments from me that this game belongs on the list. This game is incredible from top to bottom. The only argument that I would make is that the original version should be on the list and not this one and that would be nitpicking to the ultimate degree. I have no real reasoning as to why other than the original deserves the recognition. If you haven’t played either version, pick on and go play. You will not regret it. 

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