Game #143: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Game: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Developer: Capybara Games

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2009

Available online: No

Purchase Here: 


Released in 2009, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a puzzle role playing adventure game. This marks the third entry in the Might & Magic series and serves as the prequel for Might and Magic 5. The game started on the DS in 2009 with HD versions eventually making it to the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, iOS and Android. The game was well received and was even nominated as Best of E3 in 2009 by IGN. The critics consistently scored the game in the 80s. 

While at a meeting of the main realm Demons from the underworld appear and attack, killing the parents of the main characters and stealing a powerful relic. The lost children Godric, Aidan, Anwen, Nadia and Fiona team up to uncover the plot, get revenge and recover the relic. 

Going into this review I mm having a hard time remembering if I have played this series in the past or not. I believe that I spent some time playing one of the earlier games but  not 100 percent. Puzzle/RPG sounds like a good combination to me and I can’t wait to see what the game delivers. Let’s Get to the Scores! 



All 4 aspects of the graphics in Might and Magic look well developed and great. The main world screen, battle screen, character information screens and the cutscenes are well developed and have just the right amount of detail. The game balances perfectly on having just the right amount of detail and too much. The details on the characters are just enough to make it look great, You can clearly see and make everything out. The only bad thing I found was the animations in the battles. They seem blurred and phoned in. Just the standard blur lines to represent movement. Not a huge deal and quite frankly if that is the only thing I noticed that was not great, it’s a great looking game. 4stars


I’ll start by saying that never once while playing the game did I think about turning off the sound. It stayed on the entire time, I may have turned it down a bit at some points but overall it was one and playing. The soundtrack of the game is fantastic, fits perfectly with the theme and is enjoyable to listen to when you need a bit of background listening as well. The sound effects are perfect. Everything blends well and creates a well rounded sound package that is something you can listen to whether you are playing the game or not. 5star


If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try, try, try,Try, try, try, try, try again and you will.  So not only do you have to worry about leveling your characters at and even pace to stay on track with the enemy levels of the game but you also have to successfully match. The puzzle aspect in the battles adds a new level of complexity to the game. However, with that new aspect comes the downfall. Making everything line up in the correct spot to ensure that you can do the most damage and that the colors line up makes the game a lot harder than it really needs to be.Some aspects are too difficult, some are too easy. None of it is just right. 3stars

Entertainment Value:

To start off, Might and Magic is a fun game. Then you start getting into the battles and the puzzle aspect. When it starts you are into it. Then you start losing battles and have to keep replaying them and this starts to get annoying. The battle system unfortunately is the main aspect of the game so that means you spend a lot of time playing the match 3 battle and less time with the RPG aspect. Not bad, just gets boring after a while.3stars

Does it hold up:

Might and Magic holds up over the past 17 years. Negative comments aside, if this is a game that you enjoyed when it was released you will enjoy it today. If it is the first time you are picking it up and trying it and you can get past the difficulty of the game, you will probably enjoy it as if it is freshly released. The graphics are still overall fantastic and the soundtrack is really enjoyable. Those facts don’t change after 17 years. 5star

Overall Score:

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes comes in at an overall score of 4 out of 5. 


Not a bad game overall. There are some downsides to the game. In my opinion, the battle system leaves a lot to be desired but the sound track is incredible. The game holds up well to the test of time but the battle animation could have used a little work. Is this a game that should be on The List? Yeah, I can agree to that. Give the game a play and see what you think. 

Final Thoughts:

I can say now that I have played a game in this series before Ubisoft took over in 2003 and was a huge fan. That did not continue in this version. The battle methods in this game completely ruined it for me. The previous battles were key. You would match a character against one that was weak against it to secure victory. The addition of the matching just destroyed what was great. Not the entry of the series I would have selected for The List but it is good enough to be here. Give it a shot and see if you agree! 

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Have something to add? Leave a comment down below!  Do you want to help the Journey progress? Visit the Sponsor a Game page for more details to help keep this train rolling!


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