Game #144: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Game:  Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Developer: AlphaDream

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2009

Available online:  No

Purchase Here: 


Released in 2009, Bowser’s inside story is the third game released in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. Upon release the game was critically acclaimed, regarded as the best game in the RPG series and went on to sell 4 million copies by 2011 which for handheld in 2009 was incredible. The game makes excellent use of the dual screens with Bowser on top and Mario & Luigi on the bottom screen. Switching between the two and teaming up with all three characters is super creative in the series. 

Mushroom Kingdom is being overrun by what is being called the Blorbs illness which blows everyone up to the size of boulders and after a while makes them start rolling around until they get stuck. While having a meeting of the kingdom and surrounding areas Bowser attacks and as usually is defeated. When he awakens he finds himself wandering a forest and coming across a strange creature who convinces him to eat a Lucky Shroom. The shroom is not lucky at all and starts making Bowser inhale everything around him including Mario, Luigi, Peach and most of Mushroom Kingdom. So while Bowser is trying to rid the kingdom from the evil Fawful, Mario and Luigi are trying to free themselves from Bowser’s body.  

Yet another game in the Mario and Luigi RPG series selected to be on the list. I am sure that the game is worth it and should be played by all but why take up 3 slots for one series when they are all pretty much the same. Mario game or there is no difference other than the story between the three games. I am sure I will enjoy it but that’s because it’s Mario and not because this game is great, which it probably is. Oh well. Let’s get to the scores! 



Mario and Luigi is not a bad looking game. The developers took the graphics that they already had for the earlier versions and updated them to create a better looking game using new techniques and hardware. Everything looks like a Mario and Luigi RPG game. The characters are well drawn and feature ton of details and the background is exactly the same, well rendered with tons of detail but not too much to make it look overdone. Just enough. 5star


As always a Mario delivers on sound. The sound track is classic and enjoyable. Well composed and transferred to the DS system perfectly. Yet another sound track that you can easily put on in the background and listen to while you are doing other things instead of shutting the sound off and listening to something else. The sound effects are classic, the jump, the voice sound effects all of it the familiar sound effects that you are used to. Overall, no surprise here that the sound in a Mario game is enjoyable. 5star


It’s another Mario RPG. So you have to take two things into account when you start talking about the difficulty in the game. First off, it’s a Mario game so the difficulty in it is already at a lower level than normal because of the target audience. Secondly, it is an RPG game so the difficulty is partly in your control. Don’t run from battles, keep on par with levels and make sure everything is balanced. These two elements combined create a difficulty level that leans more towards too easy, than it does too hard. It teters the line well enough that the game brings in a variety of age groups and every one plays it differently.  A good difficulty level overall. One that you can enjoy. 5star

Entertainment Value:

Once you get past all of the introductory items in the game, you know how to play part of the game and it starts getting entertaining. Until then you find yourself getting bored with the dialog. Once you are finally free to play the game without interruptions every 2 minutes the old standbys of the modern Mario games come out. The joking around and teasing Luigi(which needs to stop. He is an integral part of the team) and the story of this entry is funny as always which makes the game easier to enjoy overall. Overkill on the instruction part of the game but otherwise not bad.4stars

Does it hold up:

Bowser’s Inside Story holds up as well as any of the other RPG games on the list. Well, not Mario RPG but that game was an instant classic. The Mario and Luigi games are good but just do not hit the level set by that game. Everything in this game comes together and creates a fantastic game that just holds up to the test of time. No matter when you play it, it is going to be a fun experience for you. Kids will enjoy this game for generations to come.5star

Overall Score:

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story comes in at an overall score of 4.5 out of 5. 


Not a bad game overall and no real complaints other than the over abundance of tutorials. Once you get past that it’s a great game but explain one more thing to me and I’ll snap the cartridge in two. The graphics and sound are great(no surprise there) It makes great use of the dual screen in a creative way. It works all around. Give it a shot. It is worth the time. 

Final Thoughts:

So, I said a bunch of nice things about the game in the review and they are all true. However, being a good game does not necessarily mean that a game should be on the list. Why do all three of these Mario and Luigi RPG games need to be here? Sure they are all good but when put next to each other there’s no difference. A good game but they need to pick one of the series and go with it for the Must play game.  Play it, you won’t regret the time lost. Just know that any of the series would fit that description and they did…. 

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