Game #145: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Game: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Developer: Level 5

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2007

Available online: No, but was released for mobile devices. 

Purchase Here: 


Released in 2007, Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the first game to be released in the Professor Layton series. Released to high praise from nearly every body that reviewed the game, it would go on to sell 4 million copies worldwide in the first year and later be released for iOS and Android mobile devices. The way the game combines fantastic graphics with the puzzles and adventure are just some of the reasons the game was well received. 

Professor Hersel Layton and his young apprentice Luke have been contacted by Lady Dahlia, the widow of a wealthy baron who has recently passed. Upon his passing it was discovered in his will that he left his vast fortune to whomever can solve the mystery of the Golden Egg. After so many have tried and failed, The Professor is called in to help and starts to unravel a mystery in the town itself. 

If I am being honest about this game, which I always am, I have no idea what to expect from this game other than it’s a puzzle game. I know what the game description and the internet says to expect but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I am expecting puzzles, that is it. Let’s get to the scores! 


curious village gp

Layton and The Curious village has incredible cutscene graphics for not only a handheld game but any game from the early 2000s.The graphics for the most part carry over to the dialog scenes as well combining the well recorded voice over acting with the character design and the details in each scene. Even the scenes that don’t have much action still have a bit of a movement to give it enough attention to detail to keep it interesting. From start to finish a well designed and drawn game. One of the best games I have seen for a handheld system, including the Nintendo Switch. 5star


The sound in Curious village is incredible. The style of music fits the rest of the games characteristics perfectly. I am beginning to wonder why I haven’t heard of this game yet. The soundtrack is enjoyable and facilitates the thinking. The sound effects are well balanced and fit everything else sound wise. Not overpowering anything else, everything is perfectly balanced.  The voice work is fantastic and the text tone is at a lower volume than the rest of the game which makes it easier to stand. Everything about the sound is this game is spot on. I would give it bonus points if I could. 5star


The difficulty in Professor Layton progresses at a good pace with a nice variety of puzzles for you to solve. Word puzzles that give you clues for you to figure out where something is, weight puzzles, transfer puzzles. They are all here and all irritatingly solvable after 10-12 attempts. There are some puzzles that I am just not good at that others may be. Which is the beauty of the game, there are puzzles for everyone! If you are not looking for a puzzle game you are in the wrong spot. Well balanced difficulty that increases at a pretty good pace. 5star

Entertainment Value:

Professor Layton is an entertaining game at first but then you run into the problem that you would have if you tried to play a game like brain age for long periods of time. Eventually you are going to fry your brain and you will need a break from the activity that you most likely were trying to participate in as a break from everyday life. It is fun for a bit but puzzle after puzzle just gets old and quick. Not bad, not great, just ok and for little bits at a time. 3stars

Does it hold up:

The game holds up pretty well. Considering I turned it on and immediately had to go recheck the release year because I didn’t believe that the game was released over a decade ago. The game just looks incredible, combined with the sound and the game could have been released yesterday for a new system. After 13 years, that’s not a bad thing. 5star

Overall Score:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village comes in with an overall score of 4.5 out of 5.


Talk about shocking. For a game that I knew nothing about and had no idea what to expect except for the description, it blew me away. I was not expecting graphics and sound like I received. Almost a perfect game but you can’t keep hammering away at a person with puzzle after puzzle. You are going to fry their brains. Great game, worth giving a shot. 

Final Thoughts:

This game was a dark horse. Comes in and hits you with the fantastic graphic and sound package and completely blows you away. The problem with that is there is another game from the series that was tapped to be on the must play list. So regardless of which one came out first the next one I review is going to take a hit because I now know what to expect from the game. So, while this game is great, the next one is at a disadvantage. 

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Have something to add? Leave a comment down below!  Do you want to help the Journey progress? Visit the Sponsor a Game page for more details to help keep this train rolling!


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