Game #147: Clubhouse Games

Game: Clubhouse Games

Developer: Agenda

System: Nintendo DS

Year Released: 2006

Available online: I am sure all of these are available online separately somewhere…

Purchase Here: 


Clubhouse games or 42 All Time Classics as it is known in other markets, was released in 2006 and is a collection of card, board action and single player games. Surprisingly, this is the first of the series for the Nintendo systems with a follow up for the Nintendo Switch coming out later this year(2020). The game came out to mixed reviews and with 42 games that is believable. 

The 42 Games available are the following:

Card games: Old Maid, Spit, I Doubt It, Sevens, Memory, Pig, Blackjack, Hearts, President, Rummy, Seven Bridge, Last Card, Last Card Plus, Five Card Draw, Texas hold ’em, Nap, Spades, and Contract Bridge.

Board games: Chinese checkers, Checkers, Dots and Boxes, Hasami shogi, Turncoat, Connect Five, Grid Attack, Backgammon, Chess, Shogi, Field Tactics, and Ludo.

Variety games: Soda Shake, Dominoes, Koi-Koi, and Word Balloon.

Action games: Bowling, Darts, Billiards, Balance, and Takeover.

Single player games: Solitaire, Escape, and Mahjong solitaire.

I know I say this all of the time but this game should not be on the list. I’ve read the book and it claims that some of the small features and the “return to Nintendo’s roots” are why this game should be on the list. I strongly disagree. This is a collection of card games, board games and “bar games”, it should not be on a list of games you must play nor is it a top game on any list…unless that list is “games that a company made that no one plays.” I am going to score this game and I will not be nice about it. Let’s get to the scores! 



Clubhouse Games doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look great. That’s what happens when you decide to release a collection of games instead of focusing on just one or two. The quality of the graphics varies from game to game. There is really no consistency in the look as you move on to the next game. The bottle shaking game looks pretty good. The dots and boxes doesn’t look as good as it could which is sad because it is literally a game where you connect dots to make boxes and you can make that look pretty good on paper. Spend some time and make all of the games look ok instead of making some look good and others not. 2stars


By far the best category in the game but that is not saying much. The music in the game is generic big band sound and is the same throughout the entire game. It changes when someone is close to winning a game or select few games but for the most part it is exactly the same. It is not bad but after a while you drown it out and it might as well not even be there. The sound effects are default card playing noises or dings. Not bad, just not good. While you can leave the sound on after a while you don’t because it just repeats. Not bad, not good. Just there. 3stars


Sure. There is difficulty to this game but it is the same difficulty you would have playing against an A.I at any game. Which you can avoid by playing against humans or lowering the difficulty in the game. However, even by not lowering the difficulty in the game the A.I. is not difficult to beat. You can easily beat it at most games and the only reason you wouldn’t is turn based or human error. Not difficult unless you make it. 2stars

Entertainment Value:

In the time I spent playing this game for the review, out of the 42 selections, there was one game I truly had fun playing. The game called it ” I doubt it” but the true name of the game is Bullshit. The game in which you play card in sequence and try to guess if someone played the right cards for that spot. It brought back memories for me but ultimately that is where the fun stopped. It immediately went to Old Maid next and I had enough. I have never wanted to play electronic old maid and that is not going to change now. 2stars

Does it hold up:

No. No, it does not hold up. Let me explain why. This is a collection of games that is a cash grab for whatever company is releasing it this time. End of story. This mixture is something that eventually is released for every generation and every console as a quick way to make the company a few dollars and make the low quarter look good before the big releases come out, most likely the quarter before the holiday season. There is 0 reason to come back and play this game. If you have it, you may play it or give it to the kids to play. No one is going back to play this game because “they can’t believe they missed it the first time.” 0 out of 5(I DONT HAVE A GRAPHIC FOR 0! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN)

Overall Score:

Clubhouse games comes in with an overall score of 2 out of 5. 


Nothing about this game is Must Play. Nothing at all. The graphics are below average. It is a collection of card games and middle school games. A classic video game is not made up of hangman, old maid and memory. Don’t bother playing this game. It is a waste of time. 

Final Thoughts:

I could have been a lot harder on this game in the scores. A two is being kind. I read the paragraph in the book several times and couldn’t figure it out. It is taking everything in me to not shut the site down, burn the book and move on. That might happen still but for now I continue on. Absolutely no reason why this book should be on the list. 

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Have something to add? Leave a comment down below!  Do you want to help the Journey progress? Visit the Sponsor a Game page for more details to help keep this train rolling!


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