The End.

The End.

Not just for now, forever on this venture at least.

This was supposed to be a 6-year journey. Give or take.  Covering 1001 Games with matching 1001 reviews, all done by me. I stated from the beginning that I would not move on to other ideas or projects and that I was going to see this through. That was wrong to say. 

After playing and writing review number 147, I hit a breaking point. The selection committee selected a game called Clubhouse Games. This was a collection of 42 older card and board games all in one. In no way do I believe that a game like that should be a game that is considered Must Play before you die. This is not the first time I disagreed with the book, but it is the first time I had to stop myself from lighting the book on fire and walking away.  It legitimately made me angry. Not because the game was bad, It was but that is not the point, but because there is no reason this game should be on the list. Then it hit me, this was no longer fun, at all. It took one of the things I did for fun and made it a chore. I spent most of the time writing reviews and flat out asking people who can’t hear me what the (*%* they are thinking when they say that 9 Grand Theft Auto Games, 5 from the same era, should be on the list. This is when it hit me,

 I don’t care.

I spent a year reviewing games that someone else stated were must play games. Some of that year, I had a lot of fun but was spending all my free time playing video games that I did not want to play or writing about video games that I did not want to write about. When I thought about it I was spending all of this time, effort and money on something that was making me miserable. I was not able to play video games that I wanted to play for fun without feeling guilty about it. I was not able to do other things without feeling guilty about it and this is not how something like this should make you feel. This is why I stopped the first time and it is what is causing me to stop this time. 

I will continue to play video games and read books on video games. I will no longer write reviews about video games and the only written words you will get about games from me will be on twitter or facebook talking about the game I am playing. I will be burning the book. I don’t want it around. It’s a bad book and does not accurately represent the video games that someone should strive to play in revisiting all of gaming history. 

Don’t look at this as me quitting and walking away, I’m not. If anything I am taking this as a learning experience. I no longer listen to reviews about video games, movies or anything really. I approach new games as a new experience. I will play the games that I want to play, when and where I want to play them. I’ll never forget the ups and downs of the journey, all lessons learned. I need to take a moment to thank my wife for putting up with my ramblings and irritations that came with this and her never wavering support. 

This will be the last post on The twitter account and facebook page will be shut down. 

Thanks for spending the past year with me in gaming. 

-Anthony “Chachi” Walker

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