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Game 17: Ultima Online

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Game 17: Ultima Online

To say that this game was the first MMORPG would technically be a lie. There have been other mmo’s. This was the biggest and first recognized MMO. Released in 1997. Holds 8 Guinness World records included: First MMO to reach 100,000. Longest running MMO. And i havent verified this yet however im pretty sure that it’s the mmo to have a player set a world record. “First and Only Person to Kill Lord British”, which was done by a player named Rainz during a server reset which turned off his invulnerability.

King British is an NPC he is an in game Persona of the series Creator.  There are a lot of story lines that evolve around or start with this character so he normally is not one that any character can out right kill. According to wiki though there are ways to set up a death of King British in every expansion. Some you can rig a plaque to fall on him, you can poison his bread etc etc etc.

So i started playing this game.

first off, it installed a lot quicker than most mmo which threw me off, Until i started playing.

The graphics in this game are right where they started. In 1997.

It wasnt what i expected but i played on.

I played for 2 hours. and for 2 hours i did escort missions. if you know me or if you are a nerd, then you know, NERDS HATE ESCORT MISSIONS!!!!!!!!!!

After two hours of learning the unorthodox commands and escorting people all over the area i stopped playing.

The game however has to be given respect. It got there first. #1. The other games had to prove themselves in comparison to this game.

They have since released countless expansions and have updated the graphics in the newer versions. its still a top down but they have been cleaned up and sharper.

You can try a free 14 day free trial of the original or the new one over here at . Give it a shot. cant hurt to visit the past.

Chachi Says: That game is responsible for where we are in the world of mmo. No matter how good or how bad that world turns out to be, this game led the way! Give it a shot!

Disclaimer: UO is not sponsoring this post nor probably knows im doing it. But if they want too that would be awesome!


Tis the Season to be Moronic!

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Welcome to the wonderful wide world of Wednesday!  Hump day, the day for realizing that your week is almost done if you are a monday to fridayer like myself.

So heres a little something to make the week a little easier, as promised in my vidcast for a week here is a stupid contest!!!!

*fanfare, price is right theme music plays, audience applauds and cheers!*

Thank you, Thank you!

Now, for some reason this is the season that people seem to take what little semblance of intelligence they have and throw it away.

So here is what i want from you! I want you to try to catch these people in the act. i want you to get me pics of the dumb stuff people do in public.

You can send the pics to

Chachi Says: The winner of this contest wins a really dumb prize! Picture of said prize will be up later.

Gary Goomba Says:

I can haz my cake and eats it too!!!!!!!

Fun with stuff.

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Welcome to Tuesday.

Nothing really important or interesting to say today. So here is a bunch random crap i have fun with.

First theres this video that i edited together to mess with some software last night.

I think its fun! Hopefully you do too.

Here’s another Gary The Goomba Picture that could really use a caption……..

So give me a caption!

Chachi Says: its great when you can be distracted and entertained by little stuff sometimes.


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Everyone needs healthy distractions during the day, whether it be to take a break to prevent burn out. Or to just take a break and come back to what it was they were doing refreshed and ready to go.  So here is what i am doing for you and me both.

My lovely friend @lyriquetragedy on twitter and in life, has a blog also. She is over at I’ll wait while you go check it out…… *taps foot, checks watch……..* alright, so you have it bookmarked to read right? Fantastic moving on.

So over there on her site, she used to do this post, and from what ive been told via email when i got permission to do this post, she plans to do it once more. Anyhow, it is entitled  Homework.

So here is how this works. I give you a photo, you tell me a story.  Simple as pie.

Here is what prompted it, i was going through my photos and found a particular one that made me laugh and remember a time that used to carry around a stuffed “animal” so i could take random pictures of it in random places. if you’ve been around for a while then you know what im talking about.

So here is the photo:

And let those Creative Juices flow!

Chachi Says: You can leave the story in the comments, or you can email them to me at  and i’ll make another post of it. Completely up to you! i am excited to see what you all come up with. Thanks to Dawn for granting me permission to use her idea!

Good vs Evil, but which side is which……

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Our entire lives we have been spoon fed stories on how things are and how certain events went down. Which in all honesty is probably how they did go down.  This I can accept, but there is some things that we have only been given one side of the story too.

Please join me as we step into The Chachi Zone:

Imagine, if you will, a popular story. A princess taken from her castle by an evil villain with henchmen galore to stand in the way.  The villain out to take that which doesn’t belong to him and conquer the kingdom. The only people that can save this princess and defeat the evil tyrant is……. a couple of plumbers.  Brothers no less. One even has the Same First and Last name. They rescue the princess more times than one would believe.

Now, take that well known popular story, and flip it.

We only know one side of the story. the side of which was given to us.  We don’t know what’s on the other side of that coin.  What if I were to tell you that not only in this story but countless other popular stories were filled with oppression and tyranny. Ah, hold on baby birds I’ll feed you. ( that line was not so gently stolen from Daniel Tosh )

Now picture this. A kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom to be exact. Run with maliciousness and greed. A kingdom run by an evil bitch of a princess. One that is not so helpless as she may seem, but one hell bent on conquering all that she can. When one day, the peons decide that they have had enough. they will no longer be punished for what is not a crime. One of them Rises up to lead, to organize, to fight back.  Well, of course the royal family is not going to let this happen. So they hire two “plumbers” to flush and wash away the rebellion. Not so plain cut now is it.

The same story can be applied to Hyrule as well. All we know is that one side says the other took the triforce. Its hearsay.

Chachi Says:  Who knows what really happened in Mushroom, Hyrule or even the mazes of Pacman, he could’ve been stealing from the ghost.  and they just protecting whats theirs.  Who knows.