Game #13: F-Zero X

Game: F-Zero X Developer: Nintendo EAD System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1998 Released in 1998 as a sequel to the original F-Zero it was praised and criticized at the same time. The game play is ultimately the same but because of the 3d made it difficult to learn the new controls and the graphics are […]

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Game 12: Excitebike 64

Game: Excitebike 64 Developer: Left Field Productions System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 2000 With the release of the Nintendo 64 and its 3d graphics came the opportunity to release sequels to games that deserved to have 3d graphics(and some that didn’t) Excitebike is one of those games. The second installment to the Excite series the game […]

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Nintendo 64

*So after I had started this journey I decided that at the beginning of each system I would write a blurb about my experiences with the system, If any, or a blurb about the system itself in the event that I do not have a personal experience with the console. Here is what i wrote […]

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Game 11: Body Harvest

Game: Body Harvest Developer: DMA Design System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1998 The year is 2016, the Earth has lain in ruins for 100 years after an alien invasion conquered the planet and has harvested the human race to the brink of extinction. The last remaining humans have developed a plan to go back in […]

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Game 9: Banjo-Tooie

Game: Banjo-Tooie Developer: Rare System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 2000 *Note: This game was released for both the N64 and later the Xbox 360. This review is based solely on the N64 version. There will be a mention or two of the 360 but that is it.* Two years have passed(in game AND real life) […]

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Game #8: Banjo-Kazooie

Game: Banjo-Kazooie Developer: Rare System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1998 Another game released for the Nintendo 64 that was originally planned to be released in the late stages of the SNES, Banjo-Kazooie developed by Rare mixed the art stylings of Donkey Kong Country and Mario 64.The game has a lot of interesting choices that at […]

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Game #7: 1080 Snowboarding

Game: 1080 Snowboarding Developer: Nintendo System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1998 1080 Snowboarding is one of the first sports/racing games released and is responsible for paving the way for not only Snowboarding games but is also credited for leading the way for other non traditional sporting games i.e. Tony Hawk and the games that followed. […]

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Game #6: GoldenEye 007

Game: GoldenEye 007 Developer: Rare System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1997 Goldeneye 007 was released in 1997 after two and a half years of development and multiple game changing decisions. Originally planned to be released on the SNES as a 2d side scroller was then proposed as a 3d first person shooter. Not only that […]

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Game #5: Mario Kart 64

Game: Mario Kart 64 Developer: Nintendo System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1996 Mario Kart 64 the follow up to the hit game from the previous generation. Back when everything about this game was simple. You had 8 racers to choose from, everyone fought over Yoshi. 3 CC’s with 4 races and 4 different cups. I […]

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Game #4: Pilotwings 64

Game: Pilotwings 64Developer: Nintendo System: Nintendo 64 Year Released: 1996 Pilotwings 64 is a follow up to the 1991 game Pilotwings for the SNES. When releasing a new console you want to release games at the same time as the console that will show off the capabilities of the new system. Super Mario 64 and […]

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