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Game 9: Line Rider, Game 10: Fantastic Contraption

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This begins a new chapter in the 1001 video game journey. The Text adventures have come and gone! It was Fun, but I am glad to move on,  to brighter colors, better graphics and sometimes, mind numbing video game playing.

Don’t get me wrong, the text adventures were a great mental exercise but that many in a row will mess with your head.

So we move on. The next session I have is Online/MMO games! online meaning that they are games that are hosted on web pages across the web.

Game 9: Line Rider.

Line rider is a simple flash game(since moved to silver light as well) The game is as follows. Draw the course, press play and see if the rider can make through the course. Simple enough right? Nah, not really. Who wants to draw an easy course with just bumps and hills? No one. Hence the challenge. You draw crazy tracks and see if your little sled riding buddy can make the course. This all of course run by a physics simulator.

The game was created in 2006 By Bostjan Cadez a Slovenian student. First appeared on Deviant art where it blew up. it has appeared on yahoo, time magazine, Games for Windows The Official magazine and even in a McDonalds Snack Wrap commercial. This game has been updated 2 times since the original once to silver light and then later to incorporate new features. This game though is a bragging rights type of game. It allows you to export the tracks and send them to others or to post them on the webpage for public viewing. It was fun for me for about 20 mins. Then I lost interest.

Game 10: Fantastic Contraption.

This game is another game that uses a physics simulator.  The goal of this game is to create a contraption to move an item into the designated square.

Simple enough right? sometimes, its straight forward, other times, you have to build the most ridiculous contraptions you can think of to climb over/knock over walls. Using the limited parts: Front moving wheel, back moving wheel, manual wheel, wood beam and water beam. believe it or not you can build some crazy stuff with those parts.

The only history i can find on this game is that on January 16, 2009 it made its way into the app store for iphone and was released there by inexile Entertainment. I know thats not where it got its start but thats all they said.

Chachi Says: These games are a perfect way to blow off 15-20 minutes online on break. Give them a shot! and you wont be disappointed.


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Its another monday around here and as you know mondays are awesome.(well here at chachi says at least)

Its new video day!!!! Recorded and shipped off to editing for a nice spit shine thanks to Sorg.

This week i talk about boobs and zombies. Not together that would just be weird.

Hope you Enjoy it. And if you cant access it on youtube you can always go to Http:// and check it there.

as always leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned all week for awesomeness and announcements!

Chachi Says: Hopefully this kick starts your week off right!

The battle between Good and Evil…..

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Now I have Comcast for everything possible in my house. Triple play well because it was cheaper that way.  Which means I technically have Comcast home phone service, no phone hooked up to it, and I don’t even know the number I have. Like most people now a days I rely on my cell phone for pretty much every means of contact. the reason I have comcast is not because I love it, or that the service is good or the price is good. Its pretty much the only thing available other than satellite and im not a huge fan of that.  However Comcast’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. No where near being the best.

below is my transcript from the online chat in which I try to access the online services mainly to pay my bill.

A little back ground on this: I’ve been trying for 7 months now to access the online bill pay for comcast. It started to tell me that I needed a pin, that has been requested more than a dozen times in many different ways. Website, Phone Calls, Web chat and even Twitter. Here is my latest attempt to get the pin.

LiveAssist Transcript
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chat id : 8375a351-ebd6-41e3-b9ea-5d38b5d11de1
Problem : I need help "securing" my online account
Anthony > I need help "securing" my online account
Comcast Support > Currently we are experiencing 
unusual delays for a Chat Specialist.  
Feel free to contact us via Ask Comcast 
by selecting the link off the Customers 
Contact Us drop down list on 
You can also search FAQs via the same link, 
or call 1-800 Comcast (800-266-2278) for further assistance.
Jeffrey > Hello Anthony_, Thank you for contacting 
Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jeffrey. 
Please give me one moment to review your information.
Jeffrey > I apologize for the wait and thank 
you for waiting.
Jeffrey > How may I help you?
Anthony_ > for six months the website told me i 
needed a pin to login, i requested it at least a dozen times.
Anthony_ > i go back to try to re register
Anthony_ > and it finally lets me in but tells me 
i need to secure my account
Anthony_ > but doesnt say how to accomplish this
Jeffrey > I apologize for the wait and thank you for waiting.
Jeffrey > I am sorry to hear that.
Jeffrey > I will be happy to help you with that.
Jeffrey > Please provide me the account number?
Anthony_ > let me find it
Anthony_ > (Redacted)
Jeffrey > Thank you.
Jeffrey > Please give me 2-3 minutes to pull up the account.
Jeffrey > Are you logged in to your account as of this moment?
Anthony_ > it logged me out due to inactivity
Jeffrey > Can you please try to log in again.
Jeffrey > Then let me know if you were able to log in?
Anthony_ > it let me in. still says 
"This account may not be accessed until the owner
 makes the account secure"
Jeffrey > Please go to this link
Jeffrey > Please click on the link.
Anthony_ > im there
Jeffrey > Then click on the user and settings tab.
Anthony_ > ok
Anthony_ > still the same thing
Jeffrey > Can you please provide me the username 
that you used?
Anthony_ > (Redacted)
Jeffrey > Anthony that is a gmail emil account, 
you need to use the username to access 
your online accounts.
Jeffrey > Let me check on that.
Jeffrey > Anthony that is a gmail emil account, 
you need to use the username to access 
your online accounts.
Jeffrey > Anthony that is a gmail emil account, 
you need to use the username to access 
your online accounts.
Jeffrey > Anthony that is a gmail emil account, 
you need to use the username to access 
your online accounts.
Jeffrey > Did you received my last messages?
Anthony_ > yes, 4 times
Anthony_ > the gmail account is the one that i was 
instructed to use when i created the account. 
up until the whole pin thing happened
Jeffrey > Let me check your username/
Jeffrey > Please give me a moment.
Anthony_ > ok
Jeffrey > Thank you for patiently waiting.
Jeffrey > This is your username:    (redacted)
Jeffrey > Since I do not have access to your password 
what I need to do is to reset that for you so you can 
use a temporary one.
Jeffrey > Is that okay with you?
Anthony_ > thats fine
Jeffrey > Before that our system needs the account`s 
security PIN?
Anthony_ > I dont have a pin that's the whole point
Jeffrey > Can I call you on your comcast phone number to 
verify some information?
Anthony_ > call my cell phone (redacted)
Jeffrey > I am afraid I am not allowed to call any other 
number but your comcast phone for security purposes.
Anthony_ > if i call the 800 number will they give me a pin
Jeffrey > Yes they will verify some security information 
over the phone first.
Anthony_ > ill call them
Jeffrey > You can call them during normal business hours 
only Anthony.
Anthony_ > i dont have a phone hooked up to the comcast equipment.
Anthony_ > i dont have a normal phone.
Jeffrey > I understand, however we also want to secure your 
account that is why we can only 
call on our customer`s phone number.
Anthony_ > my cell phone number is the number listed on the account
Anthony_ > what are the business hours.
Jeffrey > This is the number that I need to call and this is 
your Comcast 
Digital Voice phone number (redacted)
Anthony_ > what are the business hours?
Jeffrey > The business hours is from 8am to 5PM.
Anthony_ > thank you.
Jeffrey > You are most welcome Anthony.
Jeffrey > I hope you understand that we are only 
protecting this account that is why we need to process 
that verification over the comcast phone.
Jeffrey > I appreciate your time chatting with us today.
 Aside from this, is there anything else I can assist you 
with at this time?
Anthony_ > no that's it
Jeffrey > Thank you for contacting Comcast, We appreciate your 
business, you have a good day.
Jeffrey > Have a great day ahead and good night!
Jeffrey > Stay safe.
Jeffrey > Analyst has closed chat and left the room


Chachi Says: Regardless of what they say, That is certainly not “Comcastic”. Hopefully I don’t get sued for this.